Worksite Coverage

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Main Workplace Coverage Products

  • Term Life
  • Accident
  • Critical Illness
  • Short Term Disability – Individual
  • Short Term Disability – Group

Designed with employees in mind. Our portfolio can complement any employer’s benefit package.  At no direct cost to the employer, worksite products empower employers with strategies to attract and retain talent with a simply-managed program.  All products except Short Term Disability Insurance – Group are portable, so employees can keep their coverage even if they change employers.

Employer Eligibility

  • Group must have been in existence for 1 year
  • Group is not subject to seasonal fluctuations
  • Group must not have a high concentration (25%) of uninsurable occupations
  • Group must not be heavily financed by federal, state or local government entities or dependent on the procurement of government contracts
  • Group is not, or is not owned by, a sovereign nation
  • 50% or more of the group is not in commissioned sales
  • 50% or more of the group is not related by blood or marriage

Minimum case size is 3 eligible employee lives (determined on Actively at Work full-time Employees). Individual product cases with 10 or more eligible lives may qualify for special Guaranteed Issue underwriting on a post-enrollment basis.  Individual product cases with 100 or more eligible lives may qualify for special Guaranteed Issue underwriting on a pre-enrollment basis.


Short Term Disability

This group requires a case size of at least 3 eligible employees with a minimum of 2 employee lives issued.

Employee Eligibility

  • Employees must be Actively at Work at the time of application and working a minimum of 20 hours per week to be considered full-time.  Seasonal or temporary Employees are not eligible for coverage.
  • The Employee is also not considered actively at work if his or her normal duties are restricted due to health or if he or she is on a leave of absence.
  • In the event 1099 contract workers are included, they must also have at least 6 months of continuous service with the employer group.