About Us

Investech, Inc. is a life insurance brokerage agency that has been servicing agents for over 30 years. In today’s industry, competitive term products have become a dime a dozen. Investech offers some of the most competitive products on the market – no problem! But, what happens when good cases turn bad? Agents, like yourself, know the frustration when your “preferred” clients come back rated or declined due to undisclosed medical conditions or unfavorable lab results. That is where Investech can save you valuable time and money. Many of these clients are actually standard risks…you just need to take them to the right company. We will search our database to find you the best rate available to your client based on his/her medical history.

The best part is that we order all underwriting requirements! Investech, Inc. agents do not have to fulfill any specific production requirements and our companies offer excellent commissions.

At Investech, we feel that we truly have something unique that we can offer our agents. Where others promise we deliver; when other offer service, we offer solutions. It is our mission to continuously try to recruit loyal and dedicated agents to share in the Investech experience. We feel that you deserve the best, as do your clients. In our line of business – – the business of relationships, there is no such thing as second best.